Praat, Matching Pursuit, Complearn

achievement of F. LAURENT et F. GOUDEY, supervision of C. GUILLEMINOT

Translation Loïc Corbel

An innovative method for signal analysis


critical software

  1. Perl 5.xx + module XML::SIMPLE
  2. Praat
  3. FFTW
  4. MPTK
  5. Complearn
  6. Graphviz
  7. a compressor performance without loss: LZMA (p7zip), PPMD or rar.


Based on the latest progress in applied mathematics and computer sciences, PMPC completes Praat by providing signal processing using Matching Pursuit (MP) and by NCD datas.

Providing a more precise analysis of signal, PMPC allows new approaches and safer automation that classical Fourier analysis. Atomic decomposition (MP) grants an approximation of the signal that cant be given by Fourier transform because of the Heisenberg uncertainty principle. The confidence in the reseult grows, and the NCD analysis releases the researcher from the strain of statistic methods and classical probability.

The system proposed is a chain of high-end softwares coming from fundamental and applied research but the setup we designed makes it simple to use.

PMPC extends the functionality of the analysis with Praat time/frequency signal. A set of tests validated the method and justify the writing of scripts to use easily


PC 586, 1 GHz minimum, 1.5 + Go of memory, hard drives fast.

Operating System: Linux and other UNIX

Ranking according to the origins J K M Y with the vowel /u/ and consonants /s, sʕ, d, dʕ/

usu-udu sample